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ExploreGeneseeValley.com is for Visitors and Locals

25 Jun 2020 7:02 PM | Anonymous

In November 2019, Letchworth Gateway Villages launched ExploreGeneseeValley.com, a digital mapping project started in 2018 with local partners and residents to map the best experiences, stories and attractions in the Genesee Valley....

The Goal? To Create a Living Guide to our Region

National Geographic created a program in 2002 to foster sustainable tourism based on the idea that “the best travel advice comes from the people that live there” — and they called the place-based digital platform tools they established to support this the Map Guide program.

Through crowd-sourcing points of interest from locals (us!), Map Guide projects help develop and communicate a unique story of place. The resulting web-based tools help connect travelers to places through the contributions of people that live in a destination like ours, the Genesee Valley!

Why? Business Stability & Growth

The ultimate goal of the Genesee Valley Map Guide Project is to promote economic stability and visibility for the small communities within the region.

“One of the major challenges we have in rural areas is online visibility,” says Nicole Manapol, Letchworth Gateway Villages Director. “The Genesee Valley Map Guide not only provides a platform to promote our region online, it also serves as a tool to teach local businesses and organizations how to improve their online presence and enhance searchability.”

Both residents and local businesses can get involved. Local experts and visitors alike are encouraged to get involved by mapping the places and experiences that capture the Genesee Valley’s unique character, heritage, and beauty.

Become a contributor: https://exploregeneseevalley.com/share-the-love
Visit the Genesee Valley Map Guide: https://exploregeneseevalley.com/

Contact: Letchworth Gateway Villages


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