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Gifts that Give: Perry Beach Project

06 Dec 2019 4:17 PM | Anonymous

You may have noticed that the Perry Main Street Association is helping with fundraising effort to support the Perry Beach Project, including docks!

The Perry Beach project is an investment in free public access to Silver Lake, and a key location on the Silver Lake Trail.

Our efforts are multiplied by those of two local artists, James Reynolds and Esther Frank-Doyle, who created a collection of original artwork celebrating the Quaint Cottages of Silver Lake, with the idea that the art could help with fundraising for the Perry Beach project.

Spoiler alert: Proceeds from artwork go to the Perry Beach project.

How does the Perry Main Street Association fit in?

This type of collaboration is right up our alley for several reasons:

  1. We love what James & Esther did for the beach project with their work.
  2. The Perry Beach project fits our mission, and
  3. Our non-profit status as an organization benefits donors!
Donations or contributions made through our organization may be tax deductible (consult a pro!). 

When we saw James and Esther's work, we offered to build an online "store" for the notecards, posters, and prints at iloveperryny.com/store to help spread the word, and to coordinate the production of the works. 

You can order them online, and pick up at Olive & Ink on Main St. in Perry - we'll let you know when they're ready (yes, we will ship depending on the items ordered; inquire via: questions@iloveperryny.com).

So, with all this in mind, we ask... 

  • did you know that notecards are easy to wrap? fit inside stockings? 
  • or put up a poster (small or large) in a favorite nook or cranny!
  • better still, pick out a print or three, perhaps #2, the Post Office!

View the whole collection at: iloveperryny.com/store


Store: See & Shop the Artwork

Store: See & Shop the Artwork

 More information: Perry Beach Project

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